lundi 25 mars 2013

Indian bag

Hello les amis.
J'espère que vous avez tous passé un bon week-end.
Ca faisait longtemps que je n'avais pas fait un look alors en voilà un. Je n'ai pas bonne mine mais ça c'est ma peau en hiver, sans maquillage. Malheureusement.

Petit rappel à propos du concours pour gagner le porte-monnaie Burberry. Vous avez jusqu'au 31 mars pour tenter votre chance donc si vous n'avez pas encore participé c'est ICI   

Hello friends.
I hope you all had a good weekend.
It's been awhile since I had not post a look so here is one. I do not look good but this is my winter skin, without makeup. Unfortunately.

Reminder about the contest to win the Burberry wallet. You have until March 31 to be the lucky one so if you have not yet participated it's HERE

I wear: 
Coat by Bash
Jeans by Uniqlo
Shoes by Paul Smith
Jewels and bag by My Fashion Lab

19 commentaires:

  1. Très jolie tenue. j'adore tes bagues. Pour les shoes, en ce moment à Paris impossible sauf avec des chaussettes!

  2. Great look!

  3. Aww - you look nice in these pics - natural! I love your green jeans! And those sandals are awesome.

    ♥ Paula Shoe Fiend.

  4. You look such stunning!
    Cute outfit! <3

  5. Love ur pants and the shoes :-) you are beauty even withouth make up :-)

  6. Great jewelry - Loving that necklace. Killer shoes too!

  7. Loving this look, Valentine! And don't give us that nonsense about "winter skin not looking good without makeup!" You are stunning, work it girl! XOXO

  8. Wouu sortir nu-pieds, c'est pas encore pour moi !

  9. J`aime bien tes bijoux et le sac.Super.


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  11. so pretty! love your hair!
    Emma xx

  12. Very chic!

    New post:

  13. You look beautiful even without makeup! Those shoes are killer!

  14. The green pants are a nice pop, and the bag is rather cute, but the overall look is a little plain. I`m almost disappointed! I suppose some days you just want to be a little casual, though. I really do like the bag.

    1. Hi Zambini, thank you for this comment. I'm trying to show how I dress everyday and sometimes it's nothing really special as everybody I think. When my blog will be bigger i hope (really hope) that I could wear some more cool stuff all days !! :)
      Have a good night and hope to not disappoint you too much ;)

  15. I like your nice outfits.

    Would you like follow each other? I am your newest follower on GFC. If you like my blog on just follow me too :)

  16. Wow! J'aime beaucoup cette tenue Valentine! Amazing shoes bien évidemment! Rassure toi tu es très belle au naturelle!
    A très vite. Prisca


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